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Sponsored by Barfoot & Thompson

A person up to the age of 20 who lives with a disability and who has made a significant contribution to improving society. This award aims to highlight the hard work and dedication shown by young people and the contribution they make to our society. Nominees may have excelled in the educational, sporting or artistic field, or they may be a strong advocate in the community.



Sponsored by the Ministry of Health

To recognise someone with or without a disability who has made a significant contribution to improving the lives of people with disabilities. This award is aimed at celebrating work that improves the lives of people with disabilities within a community. This may be paid employment, or they may work voluntarily but this person will make outstanding personal efforts beyond their job description or effectively be an unsung hero in their community. The entrant may have given up their time and energy to help other people. They may have influenced policy making at local government level, participated in local action, or otherwise made a difference which has benefited others in their community. It is always humbling to discover the good work being performed ‘behind the scenes’ by generous, committed individuals serving the disabled community. This award is to reward an individual who has made it their aim to assist others, and selflessly give their time.



Sponsored by Datacom

For someone who lives with an intellectual or learning disability and has shown leadership amongst their peers. Leadership comes in many forms: the person may be in a national governance role, or a leader in their community, or they've simply led others by drawing attention to the rights of people who live with disability through their personal achievements.



 Sponsored by Cigna

A person with a disability who has overcome hardship to achieve their personal goals. This award celebrates those who are truly embracing life and making the utmost of whatever abilities they have. The recipient of this Award will be someone who has risen to the challenges they face with a positive, ‘can-do’ spirit. This person may have also made a significant contribution to awareness of disability, supported others with a disability or advanced social change. Some entrants may be working quietly behind the scenes to make a difference. Others will be displaying enormous spirit as they face the personal challenges of their daily life. It’s not about someone who already has public recognition – it’s the unsung hero and a chance to remind the NZ public of the thousands of people who live their life with positivity.



 Sponsored by HealthCare New Zealand

To recognise a disabled individual who has made a difference through their creativity. The purpose of this award is to shine the spotlight on artistic talent. The disability may not factor in the person’s performance, i.e. the person may be a blind singer, but their talents will wow our judges and serve to throw a spotlight on the potential of people with a disability. Awarded to a group or individual for their excellence in visual or performing arts. The nominee’s field of expertise may be photography, painting, theatre, literature, dance, music or comedy… the list is endless!



 Sponsored by ACC

This award recognises an employer who provides outstanding recruitment and retention opportunities for people with disabilities. The employer is a role model who facilitates and encourages the integration of workers with disabilities into the workplace, and who has demonstrated excellence in making disability equality integral to their business. Career opportunities available to people with disabilities are limited only by their imagination and the willingness of employers to support their aspirations. This award will be made to an organisation that demonstrates an exemplary level of commitment, innovation and support for employees with disabilities.



Sponsored by Drake Medox

This award seeks to spotlight the future Paralympic stars and talented national sportsmen and women who are supported by Parafed organisations and the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation, across all sporting codes.  Open to an individual or a team. 



 Sponsored by APM Enabling Better Lives

Celebrating a person with a disability who has developed his or her own business or social enterprise. This may be a cottage industry or a larger company. We seek to highlight the role that disabled people can play as employees, employers and entrepreneurs.


Sponsored by ACC

The Attitude ACC Supreme Award will be awarded to the category winner who has had the most significant impact on both the disability sector and the wider community. The winner will therefore have achieved outstanding results, will embody the spirit of the Attitude Awards and will be a role model for others to follow. This Award will be announced on the night of the 2018 Attitude Awards.